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You May Wonder What Qualifies Me To Speak To You or the Youth about self confidence, self worth and business.. 

Anyone can get in front of someone and speak for days but what makes them different? What makes their message any more powerful then the next?

One reason why my messages are so important is because I have expierenced a variety of situations that could have led me in the wrong directions, yet at 19 years old I turned my pains, lessons and setbacks into power because I realized that living in our truth is what makes us successful. 

We set plans for our life and God may have something different for us!

When I graduated high school, I had my mind set on how the next 4 years of my life would go. I thought I would be attending Georgia State University in the Fall 2017 as a freshman. Life changed quickly and God had another plan for me. I didn’t understand why I didn’t have enough money to start school and why I didn’t have a solid place to live. I was depressed because I felt like my life was going downhill. I used to lay in the bed everyday , in the dark and literally waste time. I was mad at everyone because all of my friends were starting their college life and I felt stuck. Last minute, I ended up going back to New York and taking time to replan. I worked at a daycare and made good money, but I still was in a depression. A woman who took care of me told me that I should start my own business, however I felt like I didn’t have any talent or skill to start one. I wrote my own resume in highschool to get a job and I loved to dance. She said those are skills and money is everywhere. I started a dance class on Saturdays in her basement and instantly I was making money. Then I started writing and editing resumes for my peers which soon grew into a consistent money making hustle because now I have consistent clients on a daily basis. At that moment, I became an entrepreneur and my mindset and life changed forever. God always knows the timing for everything. Taking that semester off from college was the best decision I ever made & I now know that just because you start late doesn’t mean you’re not on time. 

I started with NO money. My Dream was worth fighting for..

Being a college student can be rough. Never enough money for anything. In the middle of my first college freshman semester, I got this crazy idea to host an event for women networking and empowerment. At the time I lived in New York and I was being supported by my parents. Even though I didn’t have the money I needed for this event, I was just determined that I would have it in Atlanta. I came up with the strategy that I would sell tickets for $15 and every ticket I sold I would invest into the event. I invested by paying for food, decorations and party favors with every ticket I sold. No one really thought or understood how I could do it because logically “money is needed for everything” but the fear of not having enough money wasn’t going to hold me back from making a dream a reality. And sometimes no one else ie supposed to understand the vision but you. For weeks no one bought a ticket to the event and I cannot lie, I was a little discouraged, but something told me not to give up and to keep promoting like never before. Well, long and behold two weeks before the brunch multiple ladies purchased tickets and my seats were filled. On March 24th, 2018 I hosted the first annual female boss brunch in Atlanta Georgia and 18 beautiful young ladies attended the event! God works in mysterious ways! 

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